Receivables Managed Instantly

Payment Slip Management (ESR/BVR)

Managing receivables is tedious.

  • Businesses can spend up to 8 hours per week managing receivables.
  • Difficult to track the current status of an invoice.
    ERP systems are not synced to your e-banking.
  • Employees manually update the invoice status, allowing for human error.

Leave it to us!

Streamlining your receivables.

  • View all your receivables on your personal dashboard
    and receive instant notifications when your payments post.
  • We can sync your ERP system with your e-banking.
  • Generate email invoices.
  • We handle your entire ESR/BVR setup. Only IBAN required.

Manual Employee
20'000 CHF+ / year
Traditional Software (SAP...)
10'000 CHF+
Our Solution
190 CHF HT / year

We are the market leader

Unbeatable product. Unbeatable price.

  • Reduce up to 8 hours of employee paperwork per week.
  • Reduce human error. Syncing ERPs with e-banking brings 100% accuracy.
  • Comply with ISO20022 and the new ESR/BVR format.
    Standards are quickly changing; we help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • REST API Integration.

Cost Savings

Autosync your ERP to eBanking

Reduce the average wait time between payment changes, bringing more certainty to your cash flow accounting.

100% Accuracy / No Human Error

Manually inputting data is the top accounting error. With our solution, no manual work is required, making your cash flow error-proof.

ESR/BVR Setup and Fees

Traditional software can take 10 days to setup, and some banks charge 0.10CHF/invoice. We do not. And our setup can be done instantly.

Blockchain Security

We record all transactions anonymously in the blockchain, ensuring maximum traceability and making your cash flow audit-ready.


Our REST API is well documented and gives you full flexibility, allowing you to integrate with your existing software suite.

ISO20022 + QR Bills

Why waste time with ISO compliance?Simply sign up for our product, which is ISO compliant and QR Code Bill ready.

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